Orthodontics involves moving teeth using “braces” to improve their position, and in turn, improve their appearance and function.
These are procedures, we feel, that are best undertaken by clinicians trained within the orthodontic profession. As a result we refer all our patients requiring orthodontic treatment to specialist practices within our area.

This can be either within the NHS or on a private basis, depending on whether the treatment required qualifies to be provided under the NHS.


Implants are another method for replacing missing teeth. If placed and looked after correctly, they provide a long lasting, very reliable solution.
They consist of a titanium post placed into the jaw bone. This then supports either a crown, bridge or denture to replace the missing teeth.
Placing implants is a highly skilled procedure, requiring extensive training. As a result, at present, we refer all of our potential implant patients to specialist practices.

Oral Surgery

There are certain treatments; extraction of wisdom teeth, biopsy of tissue in the mouth, diagnosis of certain conditions, that require the help of specialist oral surgeons. We refer to our local NHS hospitals and also to a private hospital for any patients requiring these treatments.